Thursday, 28 November 2013

The First Year Anniversary of Meeting Marilyn Manson and Signature Tattoo:

On the 27th of November 2012 I met my one and only role model Marilyn Manson, and I have to say it was the best thing to happen to me in my whole life and will always be that way. On the 28th of November 2012 I had Manson's signature tattooed which he signed himself, it was my first tattoo and my most sentimental one.

I can't believe how quickly a full year has gone, and how much Manson has done in that time. Even though I know he won't remember me as he has met millions of fans before and after us meeting, I will always remember that day as the best day ever.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Art Mock Exam, Craig Redman and Marilyn Manson:

Been really excited for my art mock exam, it's based on the artist Craig Redman (will post photos below).
Basically I've decided i'm going to do a sculpture of a 3D two sided head, both of which will be the face of Marilyn Manson. Redmans art is based upon using faces and patterns to create a bright, bold photo which he usually produces through digital work. The theme I have chosen is 'Heros and Villains' in which i'm going to do one side of the head as 'Evil Marilyn Manson' and the other side as 'Good Marilyn Manson'.

'Evil Marilyn Manson' will be based upon the look Manson created in his album Smells like Children were he takes the image of The Child Catcher (from chitty chitty bang bang) and Willy Wonka, this is shown rather dark and haunting-like as I feel it is a brilliant villain look!

The other side is 'Good Marilyn Manson' were Manson creates a role model image in the album Mechanical Animals, the image is bright and textured which is great because I love working with textures and feel this will show a brilliant image of a hero as he is my role model.

I will post photos below of Redmans work, and the main images I have used of Marilyn Manson to inspire my art piece, more photos will be added in another blog post as I will be showing 
step-by-step photos of how I created my art piece, enjoy! 

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Short Story Feedback, Tell Me What You Think!

Yesterday I emailed my Granddad some short stories I've wrote myself to see what he thinks and hopefully some advice on how my writing is, now my Granddad is an author which is good because I would get professional feedback, and I must say the feed back was very good indeed. So here is one of the short poems for you to have a read, and I would like your feedback! Tell me what you think.

He became the night; the light of the moon gently showed me his true beauty, every corner of his face, every hair upon his head and even showed me how soft his skin was. It was just me and him in the moonlit room; I was scared but completely comfortable, nervous but honest, shocked but amazed. I stared, deeply as he looked upon me as in just the same way, if I was just as beautiful as him. I got so caught up in deep thought I wanted to touch that soft skin, and without hesitation my hand stretched out, but before I could soften my fingertips, my other hand put that fantasy to a halt. I came to realisation and looked up at him in embarrassment, he was already looking down, deep into my eyes; not even realising, he reached for my hand and placed it slowly onto his bare chest,  shocks spiralled all over my body. I daren’t move, but if I stayed there it would just be awkward, I moved my hand away and placed it onto my face, it smelt like him, felt like him and most of all it made my whole skin feel soft and gentle. He smiled, knowing that he had made me express something which can only be embarrassing; my eyes wondered, trying to find somewhere else to look except from him. I could feel myself blushing, so I just looked at him and smiled back, trying to go along with the embarrassment in the best way possible.

In all this time I never knew I would be alone with him, and be so close to him. When I first ever saw him in that corridor I thought that I would never get close to such a good looking guy. But I am, I’m not sure how I’ve got here but all I know is that I’m perfectly happy right now. Just pleasantly sat with him makes me feel comfortable and myself. 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

First Ever Blog Post:

So this is my first ever blog post, I have recently decided to start my own blog for many reasons;
I enjoy reading blogs and I also enjoy writing, I need practice in writing more and whats better than blogging? I have also planned a launch for my new refurbished youtube channel which will start just after christmas, so the thought of linking all my connections (facebook, twitter, blogger, tumblr, youtube, etc) will help me interact will any/all of my followers which i'm seriously looking forward to. Wish me luck!!!